Inbox Comics is a free service we built for fun. People like you find our website, subscribe to get daily emails from us and then unsubscribe at any time if they want. That's it.

In order to send you emails, here's what we ask from you and here's what we do with your data once you give it to us.

We collect the following information about you:

  • Your email address, which you provide.
  • The comics you are currently subscribed to (or were previously subscribed to), which you choose.
  • Whether your subscription is active or whether you've unsubscribed.
  • Whether you've verified your email address.
  • The emails we send to you and their delivery status.

We don't, and never will, collect any of the following information about you:

  • Your password.
  • Your name, location, gender, or any personal details of any kind.

We don't, and never will:

  • Sell your data.
  • Serve ads.
  • Make any money.

If any of this ever changes in a big way:

  • We'll email you.

If you're unhappy with this: